Janike & Marco’s wedding in Rome

When I met Janike, a beautiful girl with an amazing name (as her father is American and her mother is Italian), she was sad: she wasn't happy with the previous trial that she did.

Janike is an event planner and she manages a location called Residenza Lavernale; she a determined person and she knows what she wants. It is always easy to work with clients like this. We talked at the atelier of my friend and Haute Couture bridal dresses designer Mauro Gala and she described her tastes and preferences; then I saw her amazing wedding dress full of flowers and I got the idea straightaway!

With that dress the only suitable look was a radiant and luminous skin, fresh, youthful, full of dewy glow, peachy-pinkish blush on her cheeks, light-neutral eyeshadows to create a nice shape, a thin line of eyeliner and false eyelashes to define her look; and just a little bit more decisive colour of Mac's lipstick! She was so stylish, modern, young and fairy romantic in Mauro's dress.

For her wedding ceremony in Rome Janike wanted a soft updo as hairstyle, but for her wedding party in the evening she wanted to have her hair done, so we decided to do a very soft updo; I fixed very well her upper part of her hairstyle, so for the evening she just had to take away some hairpins. Her hairstyle looked as perfect as at the beginning but with her soft beach waves down.

Her bouquet was wonderful and the flowers seemed the same on her dress, so we decided to decorate also her hair with flowers: It looked very sophisticated but at the same time very romantic.

As Janike is an event planner she had very clear ideas, so my job was easier and a very pleasant. My best wishes of happiness to Janike and Marco, a really beautiful couple!

Janike's has amazing photos were done by a real professional, Roberto Candido

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Russian-Italian destination wedding in Terni, Umbria

Umbria is a great place for destination weddings in Italy: it is very close to Tuscany,
it has picturesque and breathtaking landscapes, castles and medieval small towns,
and for what concerns destinations weddings is less expensive, if compared to other regions of Italy.

Our beautiful bride from Russia and her Italian husband decided to get married in Terni, a town in Umbria, that advertises itself as the "City of lovers" as its patron saint,
Saint Valentine, was born and became a bishop here.

The couple got married in April: as you can see from the pictures, all nature reveals
its spring's green colours, warm weather, sun and a clear blue sky.

My bride Kate is a very beautiful girl, very tall, blond, with wavy soft fair hair, big green-blue eyes and full lips. A real joy for any make up artist! She looks great
without make up, but with a professional wedding make up she became a real model.

When we tried make up and different hairstyles before the wedding, she told me she wanted to make her natural beauty pop out, so I used neutral pinkish shades
from famous Naked 2 palette of Urban Decay to make her eyes even greener,
a black eyeliner in gel by Mac, false eyelashes, Giorgio Armani lasting silk foundation for glowy and flawless skin, a mineral transparent mineralized powder by Mac
for a perfect finish and Crème Cup lipstick by Mac.

Kate's wedding dress was very beautiful and romantic, with a lot of laces: so for her wedding hairstyle she wanted an updo that looked very soft and curly. I created a lot of curls with a hair curler and then fixed all the curls up, leaving some natural strands
of hair out. As final touch, I added some fresh flowers: her bridal hair looked gorgeous and very romantic.

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Russian destination wedding in Gaeta

Italy is a fantastic place for destination weddings, in fact a lot of couples from all over
the world choose it as a place for their big day.

Our Russian couple, with the help of wedding planners from Rome Polina and Dario, decided to celebrate their wedding in the south of Italy, precisely in Gaeta.
It's a small town by the sea, famous for its picturesque landscapes, amazing sea
and fresh seafood.

We came two days before the wedding, as the wedding planners had to finish some organizational details, and I had to do the trial with the bride.

The bridal dress was amazing as it was simple and suited really well with summer, sea, wind and the atmosphere, so we decided to do something light and natural as a whole look.

The make up was in light pinkish-violet shades to make the bride's beautiful green eyes even greener. As it was really hot I had to use all waterproof long-lasting top quality products for the bridal make up: the result was really natural and radiant.

For what concerns hairstyling, the bride wanted her hair loose; I fixed fresh flowers
on one side but afterwards, when the couple was having their walk at the seaside,
I changed her hair into a loose and very soft braid with flowers.

On the whole, the couple really enjoyed their special day and also thanks to the great job of the wedding planners everything was planned and went well.

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Профессиональный стилист-визажист в Италии

Меня зовут Анна. Я-профессиональный стилист, визажист и мастер по прическам в Италии с 11-летним опытом работы в сфере модных показов, фотосессий, телевидения и свадеб. Живу в Риме,и выезжаю в разные регионы Италии. Предлагаю макияж и прически любой сложности. Моим клиентам оказываю профессиональную консультацию по подбору образа, использую только косметические средства высшего качества и небольшой набор косметики Мас в подарок! Приглашаю посмотреть мое портфолио, спасибо за посещение моего сайта!

Things to know about wedding planners and destination weddings in Italy

Italy is a fantastic, very romantic and picturesque place that attracts visitors from all over the world. A lot of people come here to relax, to go sightseeing, to ski, to wine tasting, and surely… to get married!

People from Great Britain, Russia and Scandinavia are fond of Tuscany, Americans love the Amalfi Coast, for Chinese people Rome and Venice are a great escape. For a lot of people planning a wedding in Italy is a dream. This dream is called destination wedding and wedding planners are the professionals who help you in making these dreams come true.

As make up artist and hairstylist, I work closely with wedding planners in all parts of Italy such as Lake Como, Lake Garda, Venice, Rome, Umbria, Tuscany, Florence, Ravello, the Amalfi Coast, Naples and more. Wherever you go, is better to know a real professional.

If you have in mind to get married in Italy its very smart to spend some time looking for a really skillful wedding planner, precise, organised, calm and determined, that knows well the traditions, culture and mentality peculiarities.

As my experience shows, it’s better to find a wedding planner who lives in Italy rather than to bring one with you, as they will not be experts of the mentality. Italy is a particular country and even after the anniversary of 150 years of Italian unity in 2011 is not united at all. There are many differences in dialects, dishes, traditions, way of thinking and behaving. North-south antagonism is still as strong as ever in Italy.

If you are organising a wedding in the south be ready for a very relaxed way of working. That’s why a good specialist of the region such as a wedding planner will help you to avoid all the stress: emails that don’t get replies (in the south, for example, they prefer talking on the phone). Also consider that being punctual sometimes is an optional, so be ready for some delays and postponing, a lot of taking, gestures and poor English.

If you are going to find a make up artist, a hair stylist, a flower designer or a photographer by yourself try to contact only those professionals who already work with foreigners, because they speak fluent English, they know and understand your preferences and tastes, and they have a different style of working. Usually they have their websites in English.

If you can’t find anybody by yourself, rely on your wedding planner paying a lot of attention to those suppliers’ portfolios and websites. If you spend some time looking for a very professional wedding planner, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettably beautiful wedding in Italy without too much stress!