Russian-Italian wedding Rome

Italian-Russian destination wedding: a sunny day in Rome

When I made make up and hair on this beautiful girl, it was a wonderful day for 3 reasons: it was great sunny day in Rome, it was my birthday and it was the destination wedding of this wonderful bride from Russia.

October is a very requested month in Italy for destination weddings as is sunny and fantastic; it’s not hot anymore but usually the average temperature during the day is + 25.

My beautiful client wasn’t very used to heavy make up, so something very radiant and polished was just for her! She couldn't do a trial, so we had online session to discuss all the details as my objective is to understand completely my client's needs, desires and preferences especially on such a special day, when one can’t make a mistake!

So we went for neutral shades for her eyes, eyeliner, luminous finish and very light foundation, as her skin was perfect, and nude shade lipgloss! As for the hair I created a soft romantic updo that suited her sophisticated bridal dress perfectly with a wonderful handmade hair accessory made by Tatiana Batko.

It was a happy day and I had an amazing birthday gift: my client 's happy smile!

From Russia for love: Russian-Italian wedding in Rome

April is the best month to get married in Rome. Weather is almost always fantastic, fresh, sunny, with clear blue sky and trees in blossom. In the photos below you can see our beautiful couple: the bride is Russian, the groom is Italian. They got married in Rome in April 2016. 

Irina, the bride, is a very beautiful girl with olive skin and long dark hair, so together with her we decided to do something really elegant but simple at the same time

For her wedding make up we chose neutral shades in purple and pink, matte eyeshadows, a good long-lasting foundation that made her skin look healthy and very radiant, a pink blush for her cheeks, false eyelashes and a black eyeliner to make her eyes more expressive. For her lips, a natural colour lipstick by Mac. All products I used were by Mac, Clarins, Too Faced and Guerlain

For her wedding hairstyle, she wanted to keep her hair loose as it is very beautiful and long, so I styled them with natural curls, just some pins on one side and a nice hair accessory. 

As a whole, her look was very harmonious with her elegant wedding dress! 

*Photo by Dmitry Agishev more info on his website >>