A romance in Rome: pre-wedding photos

Here you can enjoy a pre-wedding shooting in Rome with make up and hair realized by my staff and I. This time I had the chance to work with a beautiful couple from Moscow, Russia; a very creative one, as she is a wedding photographer, so it was a little bit more challenging for me and for my make up artist job. 

The shooting was in Autumn, when the weather is very changeable; it was very windy and it was going to rain, so I had to try hard to make my soft-looking hairstyle resist to wind and almost 100% humidity! But in the end the guys enjoyed their beautiful wedding day in Rome, hair and make up resisted until the end, and the weather was fine. This is definitely what I call an happy ending! 

Bridal make up & hair tips for brides planning a destination wedding in Rome, Italy or elsewhere

First of all: rely on professionals! Try to ask tips from professional photographers and wedding planners, as they usually work with professionals. 

Make a good selection of professional make up artists and hairstylists, their portfolios must speak for themselves. Especially, when you organize an elopement, a destination wedding or a pre-wedding photo shoot, do it much in advance; try to find a person who understands your language, speaks English, understands your needs, listens what you prefer. Be sure to tell him what you want from your makeup and hairstyle. Using top quality products and techniques, a real professional must be able to create your personal, individual look that suits you best, makes your natural beauty looks brighter and hides small imperfections. 

If you are of Afro-american, lebanese, latin-american, asian ethnicities, make sure that the make up artist has already worked with people of your facial features. Here you can see some examples of our beautiful brides of different ethnicities. 

Make a research on the internet of different make up and hairstyles, try to understand what suits more your tastes, your dress, the style of the wedding or the event. Save the examples that you like most and consult with your make up artist and hairstylist. Make sure to discuss all the ideas and make a trial, without any doubt: so it will be also easier for the person you choose to study your skin type, facial features, hair type and so on. Make photos after the trial, save them, show to your dear ones, listen to their opinion, as they know you for a lot of time and they will be sincere. 

Don’t be shy to ask what products they use: quality products are very important for a long lasting bridal make up, they make the difference. Only high-quality foundations, powders, primers, concealers, contouring palettes and eyeshadows can guarantee best results for the photographs, for your reflection in the mirror and in the eyes of your parents and friends. 

Pay attention to the hygiene of your make up artist, don’t take this fact for granted. All brushes must be clean and disinfected, as well as pencils sharpened in front of you. Before having a trial (and before the wedding) you may consult with a specialist to do some treatments for your skin, hydrating, purifying masks, scrubs according to your skin type, scrub and lips balms on your lips. When you take care of your skin, your make up always looks better and even. 

What about hairstyling? 

The same. Try to find a person with a good portfolio, who knows how to work with short, medium, long hair, whether it is curly, frizzy, straight or wavy. He is a professional to make your hair look wonderful, to consult you on the type of the hairstyle, what suits best for your dress and face shape, style of the wedding, what accessories to use or what flowers last longer. 

Also here: before making a trial, try to make a research on the internet and understand what seem more suitable for your preferences. During the trial don’t try just one type, try many of them; as what we see on the examples we need to try on us. Make photos, because only after looking at the photos you will get the ideas what looks better on you. Don't lose the chance to try various types of hairstyles. 

The person you choose must be as professional and fast as creative, he must have a lot of experience to be able to advice what makes you more beautiful. Here you can see some examples of our brides’ hair after the trials. It must look almost as beautiful as on the wedding day! Only this way you will understand whether the person you have chosen is really a professional. 

Good luck and hope my tips can be helpful! 

(to be continued)

Hairstyle tips for brides planning their wedding in Italy or special event abroad


When we plan our destination wedding, elopement, pre-wedding photo shoot or any event in a foreign country, we don’t have a lot of time but we do want the result to be perfect! That’s why it’s always important to find real professionals

A professional is a person who has a lot of experience in his field, that’s why he is capable to visualize your complete look just when seeing you for the first time. He listens to you patiently, trying to get right away what your preferences are, what is the style of your event, how to by means of his skillful work make your natural beauty brighter! 

To understand whether the person you choose is a professionaltry to study his portfolio first. It’s not important what they write about themselves: their works must speak for themselves. If you see different faces, nationalities, hair, skins, face types, years of experience and you like what you see, get in contact with this person. If you have time, try to arrange a trial explaining in advance your preferences about make up and hairstyle. 

When you choose a professional hairstylisthe can’t tell you that you have a wrong face shape for this or that hairstylethat your hair is too frizzycurly or thinhe must be able to work his magic with any type of hair and hair lengths. The only thing he can do is to recommend you the best hairstyle for your face shape, hair type and length according to the hairstyle you choose for your special event.  He can suggest you to change a little bit the colour of your hair or add some lighter locks of hair, especially if you have dark hair and you choose e wavy / curly hairstyle or a hairstyle with braids. 

He should ask about the style of your event, your dress style, colours and your personality. People who are fun-loving, hate to be bored, have a good sense of humour and want to keep things light don’t like hairstyle that look too serious: they prefer something easy, soft and natural, with braids or curls, and usually with fresh flowers as accessories. 

People who don’t want to be the centre of attention are usually shy and they like to have their hair loose down to cover their shoulder, so they feel at ease. Usually they prefer soft wavy hairstyles, especially if their hair is medium or long. Those who are self-critical or perfectionists want their hair to be perfect too. They choose hairstyles that stand out - so they'll get noticed - or sleek and serious hairstyles to have their hair in order. 

But don’t forget the most important thing: whatever hairstyle you choose for your special occasion, it’s important that you feel flawless and comfortable with yourself! 

(to be continued) 

Pre-wedding engagement photo shoot in Rome

This was an afternoon pre-wedding photo shoot by Andrea Matone. It was not easy that day as there was a strike in Rome and the city was full of traffic jams. The weather was fantastic and hot, with a great october's sun. My client stayed in an apartment near the Colosseum, so I came there to prepare her for the photo shoot: I did a light natural make up with a little accent on her lips and a soft side hairstyle

American Pre-Wedding photo shoot in Rome

This was an amazing photo shoot in Rome accompanied with great sunny weather and happy smiles. The young and beautiful couple from US had their engagement photo shoot with the photographer Andrea Matone. I did my client's make up using photographic techniques, contouring, light natural make up with false eyelashes and an amazing red shade of Ruby Woo Mac lipstick for her lips.