Bridemaids hair and make up: some tips

Hi beauties!

This time I would like to write about how important is hair and make up style of the bridesmaids. Usually everyone think very thoroughly about the dresses and the colour shades, but it’s necessary to think about the style of bridesmaids hairstyling and make up according to the style of the wedding.

It’s very beautiful when the bridesmaids hair and make up suit their natural beauty (here we speak about different ethnic characteristics: Asian make up, Corean make up, Afro-American make up, Indian make up, Lebanese and Arabic make up). As different nationalities have different facial features, skin and hair types, they also have their own preferences in make up

So my tip for all future brides is to think thoroughly about the style of the wedding, colours and make up types and hairstyling for the bridesmaids. You may prepare a moodboard taking examples from Pinterest and you can discuss the rest with your make up artist.

Hope this was useful!


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Alysa’s wedding in Tivoli

Hello, beautiful women!

Today I would like to tell you about another my beautiful bride, Alysa. She, her husband and their wonderful baby came to Italy from faraway Canada to get married. They chose Villa d’Este in Tivoli as location, a 16th-century villa with beautiful sights and scenery, green pine trees and lots of sun in June.

Alysa didn't have time to do a trial, so we had an online consultation: she showed me her dress, her preferences in make up, and hairstyling and we discussed all the ideas!

As Alysa has very beautiful face features, she wanted something very radiant, fresh and natural for her make up, so my colleague make up artist Arianna on the day of the wedding did an amazing job: a fresh bridal make up in nude and neutral shades with a little accent on the lips and false single eyelashes.


As for the hairstyle Alysa has fantastic and very thick blond hair, it was very easy to work with it; she preferred a beautiful bridal hairstyle, a messy bun, which is a beautiful and practical solution for the summer, especially when you have a small child to hold all the time. Alysa had a very old hair accessory from her grandmother so we used it to decorate her hairstyle.

All the photos of the wedding were made by an amazing Irish photographer, Siobhan Hegarty (visit her website→). It was great to work with Siobhan and Alysa: hope you enjoy the photos!

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Esin & Mehmet’s wedding

This amazing couple from Turkey got married in Rome in November 2017. It was a wonderful sunny day, very warm and colourful! Zeynep, a very pleasant and professional wedding planner (Romadaevlen) was in charge of organising the wedding of Esin and Mehmet.

The bride didn’t have time for the test, so we had an online beauty consultation. For her wonderful designer's dress from laces she wanted a very fresh bridal make up with a good uniform and dewy skin, neutral warm eyeshadows, well-defined eyebrows, some false eyelashes which are never enough and berry colour lipstick on her lips that suited perfectly her skin shade.

It was simply a pleasure to do make up on such a beautiful face, with great smile and big expressive eyes! As a hair accessory she had a beautiful handmade tiara, so we left her long and dark hair in loose natural curls and waves. The bride had a lot of girlfriends and bridesmaids, all beautiful; for some of them my team did hair and make up service.

Esin and Mehmet decided to have their destination wedding in Rome as they are in love with this city. And it was a wonderful idea!

Mexican-Italian wedding in Rome: my bride Lori’s make up and hairstyle

My beautuful bride Lori contacted me in January, as she was getting married with her husband. They both live in USA but Lori is originally from Mexico and her husband from Fara Sabina; so they decided to get married in beautiful Lazio as Fara Sabina has amazing landscapes, forests and fields.

We were able to do the make up and hair trial in the middle of April, but before we discussed online all the details and Lori’s preferences. During the trial I suggested to try more than one hairstyle, so she could choose the best for her. It was nice that her husband was present: he was very curious and in the end he liked everything. According to my experience, men are usually very direct in saying if they like or not their wives make up and hair, and if there is something wrong they will tell you everything right away!

On the wedding day, my assistants and I came very early as the wedding was at 10; the weather was fantastic, sunny and warm, so everyone was happy!

We did a soft low updo with a nice comb as a hair accessory that gave nice light to the dark hair, and a nice radiant make up with pinkish shades that suit perfect on Lori’s dark skin tone. Black eyeliner and false single eyelashes are always a must as they make dark eyes very expressive.

All products I used assured a long lasting but very natural effect. After the wedding, Lori wrote to me that everything went perfectly: her makeup and hair lasted until very late night.

It’s so great for my job working with different types of beauty and see how it becomes enhanced by a professional touch. For me every woman is beautiful and, as Sophia Loren said, “nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful”! And I’m sure this is what a make up artist should do: being a real psychologist able to help women to make their self-esteem higher!

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Janike & Marco’s wedding in Rome

When I met Janike, a beautiful girl with an amazing name (as her father is American and her mother is Italian), she was sad: she wasn't happy with the previous trial that she did.

Janike is an event planner and she manages a location called Residenza Lavernale; she a determined person and she knows what she wants. It is always easy to work with clients like this. We talked at the atelier of my friend and Haute Couture bridal dresses designer Mauro Gala and she described her tastes and preferences; then I saw her amazing wedding dress full of flowers and I got the idea straightaway!

With that dress the only suitable look was a radiant and luminous skin, fresh, youthful, full of dewy glow, peachy-pinkish blush on her cheeks, light-neutral eyeshadows to create a nice shape, a thin line of eyeliner and false eyelashes to define her look; and just a little bit more decisive colour of Mac's lipstick! She was so stylish, modern, young and fairy romantic in Mauro's dress.

For her wedding ceremony in Rome Janike wanted a soft updo as hairstyle, but for her wedding party in the evening she wanted to have her hair done, so we decided to do a very soft updo; I fixed very well her upper part of her hairstyle, so for the evening she just had to take away some hairpins. Her hairstyle looked as perfect as at the beginning but with her soft beach waves down.

Her bouquet was wonderful and the flowers seemed the same on her dress, so we decided to decorate also her hair with flowers: It looked very sophisticated but at the same time very romantic.

As Janike is an event planner she had very clear ideas, so my job was easier and a very pleasant. My best wishes of happiness to Janike and Marco, a really beautiful couple!

Janike's has amazing photos were done by a real professional, Roberto Candido

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