Janike & Marco’s wedding in Rome

When I met Janike, a beautiful girl with an amazing name (as her father is American and her mother is Italian), she was sad: she wasn't happy with the previous trial that she did.

Janike is an event planner and she manages a location called Residenza Lavernale; she a determined person and she knows what she wants. It is always easy to work with clients like this. We talked at the atelier of my friend and Haute Couture bridal dresses designer Mauro Gala and she described her tastes and preferences; then I saw her amazing wedding dress full of flowers and I got the idea straightaway!

With that dress the only suitable look was a radiant and luminous skin, fresh, youthful, full of dewy glow, peachy-pinkish blush on her cheeks, light-neutral eyeshadows to create a nice shape, a thin line of eyeliner and false eyelashes to define her look; and just a little bit more decisive colour of Mac's lipstick! She was so stylish, modern, young and fairy romantic in Mauro's dress.

For her wedding ceremony in Rome Janike wanted a soft updo as hairstyle, but for her wedding party in the evening she wanted to have her hair done, so we decided to do a very soft updo; I fixed very well her upper part of her hairstyle, so for the evening she just had to take away some hairpins. Her hairstyle looked as perfect as at the beginning but with her soft beach waves down.

Her bouquet was wonderful and the flowers seemed the same on her dress, so we decided to decorate also her hair with flowers: It looked very sophisticated but at the same time very romantic.

As Janike is an event planner she had very clear ideas, so my job was easier and a very pleasant. My best wishes of happiness to Janike and Marco, a really beautiful couple!

Janike's has amazing photos were done by a real professional, Roberto Candido

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