Confessions of a make up artist: facts about my job

I’ve been in the make up and hairstyling industry for over
11 years and I move a lot for work in different parts of Italy.

When you work for destination weddings, especially when the high season starts, one day you find yourself in Florence and the day after you get up in Ravello. The day after tomorrow you may hurry up to Lake Como or Garda or both. Anyway, your suitcase must be always there ready for you.  




As a wedding make up artist and hairstylist, you always work in a team of other people: wedding planners, flower designers, photographers, nail artists, other make up artists and hairdressers.

That’s why it’s so important to be able to work with any kind of team, to have perfect communicative and organisational skills, to be very patient and calm,
to overcome stress quickly.

You need always to react and find a solution.

The Amalfi Coast in summer is a disaster for what concerns traffic jams. I remember once we were going there with the wedding planners and a photographer to make a lifestyle shooting for a couple that was going to get married the day after.

Usually I need about 2 hours for make up and hairstyling, but this time there was so much traffic and a car accident so I had just a half an hour, as the natural light was going away and our photographer had little time. So, when I arrived, I tried to seem very calm and did my best to do my job.

Sometimes it happens that the photographer assistant can’t come, so I need to hold a reflector or help the bride with the dress.  

For this kind of job, you must be very flexible person and a real professional in make up and hairstyling, but you must also be able to adapt to any other situation.

You must be able to be a part of a team that works towards the best results!

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Very often, when the dress is very complicated and has a lot of buttons, the parents of the bride get into panic: so guess who is there to help her? Surely, it’s a make up artist! After so many dresses that I helped with, I could even sell them.

Sometimes there are problems with a translator, so they tell you one day before that during the official ceremony you need to translate. Thanks God, I studied languages at the university!