How to choose the right foundation: my tips

Hi, beautiful women!

Hope you are doing great and regularly take some time to take care of yourselves, washing your face every morning and evening, putting all fantastic hydrating creams and eye creams! Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, eat fruit and vegetables and do sports. Do everyday something pleasant for yourself, like and accept yourself as all this helps us to be even more beautiful.

Today I wanted to give you some tips on how to choose the right foundation. First of all you need to know your skin type: dry, combination or oily. To choose the colour it’s always important to try it on your neck and go outside, if there is natural light, and see the colour: if the stain remains the colour isn’t yours, if it becomes even and uniform with your neck colour, the colour suits you. Some people tend to have their face more tanned than their neck as the neck is always in shadow, but if we want to have a nice effect and a even colour it should be similar to our neck’s colour: you can create a delicate tanned effect using bronzers and a little bit of blush.

Then, you have to you know your skin type: if your face eeasily becomes shiny during the day, probably you have oily or combination skin. In this case mattifying long-lasting foundations are for you: if you have some solar stains, redness or acne choose foundations that give nice medium coverage such asAll Nighter” by Urban Decay, “Matissime” by Givenchy, “Lasting Silk” by Armani, “Everlasting” by Clarins or “Forever” by Dior. Some people may prefer “Double Wear” by Estee Lauder, but I prefer to add it to other foundations as I personally like to see flawless skin, but not a mask.

If your skin is dry, sensitive and gets red easily, you should choose a radiant and luminous finish. Here there are your foundations: “Teint Miracle” by Lancome, “Tru Radiance And Skin Illusion” by Clarins, “Luminous Silk” by Armani, “Ultra HD” by Make up Foverer and “Teint Couture and Photo Perfexion” by Givenchy. Some of them have UV filter and give medium beautiful coverage. I personally tested all these foundations when I was doing gym and during hot and humid Italian summer.

There are some very lucky people that have normal and beautiful skin and don’t like using foundations: in this case, on special occasions they can add some foundation into their day cream creating BB cream, which will give a nice and uniform colour and radiance to the skin. They can use BB creams and these liquid foundations: “Next to Nothing” and “Face and Body by Mac and “Vitalumiere Aqua” by Chanel.

Try always to find the right product that makes your skin feel comfortable: if you start to have some uncomfortable feelings then stop using the product. A good idea is trying the product before buying it.

I hope these tips were helpful! I will try to write more articles about my experience of various products.