How to become a makeup artist: some useful tips

They say that, if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. It's absolutely true, as if you fulfill your life with pleasure and passion your clients will feel your energy and if you love what you are doing.

If you want to be a makeup artist probably you have been attracted by art and colours since you were a child, you love painting, you are sensitive to beauty, sociable and love people. If you read some stories of famous makeup artists and hair stylists, you’ll figure out they had this passion since childhood as they loved creating something on their family members: Kevin Aucoin, for example, tested make up on his sister; Pat Mcgrath was strongly influenced by her mother that experimented with colours, pigments and textures to create more options of make up for dark skins.

For some people it’s a little bit easier, for some less, but usually one has basic qualities and capacities a makeup artist needs since his early age. It’s very important to feel inside what you want to do and follow it, as when we do something we love we always succeed in it.

When you found out that you want to follow a of makeup artist career, you need to figure out the best school where to get your basic knowledge, where you will study the theory, the basics, do a lot of practice and get more into make up’s world. Now with the internet, Instagram, social media and reviews one can choose the best school where apart from studying they offer a lot of practice such as taking part in photography shootings, runway shows and collaboration with different professionals.

My tip for everyone: you should remember that a makeup artist needs to be creative, but it’s not all; as you may develop your creative skills, you need to know that choosing this type of a career you become an entrepreneur, so you need to develop also you communicative, time-management, marketing and goal-oriented skills.

Being a great listener, psychologist, team member it’s also a part of this job.

Another tip I have for future makeup artists is you need to understand what you like most: weddings, fashion, theatre or television, music industry. When you know exactly what you like, it’s easier to set goals and reach them.

After finishing a makeup school don’t ever feel as if you've made it: being a makeup artist means continue learning, updating skills and studying. Do a lot of practice, study people's facial features, make them feel beautiful being friendly and sensitive. Your mission is improving their self-esteem using make up as a therapy.

These were my tips: hope they will be helpful!