Armenian-Italian wedding in Rome

Today I'd like to tell you about my Armenian bride living in London. She found me by chance just two or three days before her wedding. Luckily, I was available. She had friends from all over the world and was organising a lot of things, trying to find also a good make up artist and hairstylist in Rome.

My bride didn’t know what she wanted so, by asking her questions and looking the photo examples, I tried to get her preferences. For make up, as she doesn’t wear it in everyday life, I suggested something radiant and neutral with lots of eyelashes and a black eyeliner. As for her hair, by adding hair extensions, I did a soft updo with a tiara as the accessory. My client was happy and I was happy she found me.

I highly recommend for all the brides to find a good and experienced wedding planner who knows Italy, mentality peculiarities, traditions and how to organise things better; the services don’t cost so much and you will save a lot of energy and avoid stress and misunderstandings.