How to obtain the best results from your wedding make up and hairstyle

At a wedding and at any kind of shooting the collaboration of a make up artist and a photographer is very important. The work results of one of them depend on the skills of another. We selected 5 tips which will help you in wedding preparations and will let you get maximum collaboration from both. 

Get the perfect skin

Brides are often afraid to exaggerate with foundations and refuse fully or partially to use concealers to improve skin complexion, so they choose to accentuate just eyes or lips. On practice, a completely smooth and even complexion in any light conditions make your skin look fresh and radiant in the wedding photos.

Appreciate your fair skin

If you have a light and fair skin, before your wedding there is no use to get rid of it by means of suntan and auto-bronzer spray tans. Experience shows that skin which is dried by sun, dehydrated or unevenly suntanned is difficult not only for make up, but also for the light that lays down unevenly. It is much harder to look good in wedding photos without these two things.

Background colours

During preparation of the bride in the room at the same time there can be a lot of people: a hair stylist, a make up artist, a photographer and a video operator, apart from bridesmaids or relatives therefore to assure comfortable work of all the professionals and for the best results it’s better to choose the most spacious room . Avoid rooms with bright colour walls, furniture or carpets as they usually can cause undesirable colour reflections on the skin.

Plenty of light

A good, natural, direct and soft light hides skin defects in the photo, that’s why it is so important for the professional make up artist to sit in front of the window and switch off all the lamps of artificial light. If there is a possibility, on your wedding preparations always choose the lightest room with several windows.

Responsibility division

The photographer doesn't bear responsibility for badly done make up or hairstyle and doesn’t have to improve the errors. The wedding make up differs from day or evening not only in brightness and colour solutions, but also in thorough study of a skin type, textures, products to use and how they last during the day. It is important to understand it, if you decide to make everything by yourself or if you will rely on a friend or someone who is not a professional.

These 5 tips are simple but if you consider them, your wedding look will be flawless and the wedding photos amazing!

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