Creating a wedding hairstyle from a sketch for a bride in Rome

Working as make up artist and hairstylist has its challenges. Sometimes I have photo examples of what my client wants, sometimes we combine several things in one, sometimes we invent something. This time my example was a drawing made by Mauro Gala, who is a haute couture wedding dress designer in Rome. 

The dress that my bride Anna chose was very elegant and sophisticated, and so was the hairstyle. Despite my experience in wedding hairstyling it wasn’t simple to do that, as there was a big bow tie made by Mauro as a hair accessory, that was inside the hairstyle. In this case, the trial is very important as we can try and see if the hairstyle works. In the end we saw the final result with my bride, wearing her wedding dress in Mauro’s atelier. It was fantastic, as it was his creation made by me in real life from his sketch. I felt a great satisfaction!