Bridal hair trends of summer 2018

Hi, beauties!

It’s great to share with you my views on hairstyling trends for the summer of 2018!

So as we may see from runways and fashion tendencies the trends in hairstyling become more and more natural and soft almost casual looking as they suit almost all dress types, enhance natural beauty of hair and the bride, and look extremely feminine and romantic.

5 bridal and wedding hair trends you're about to see this summer

Messy low bridal updoes

The first type that I would like to speak about are: messy low bridal updoes. They never look overdone or too much elaborated: it’s a great modern hairstyle with a fusion of braids and softness of hair. Look great with highlights in hair. They are chic, simple and romantic, and can be decorated as with fresh flowers as with handmade hair accessories.


Classic bridal updoes

They can be low or high, cleaner in style, but still looking very soft and not overwhelmed with details, decorated with fancy headpieces.


Casual bridal bun

The chignons in 2018 are very relaxed in style, looking almost casual and for everyday look, simple; this hairstyle type can be a great solution for short, medium hair (for a fuller effect a hairstylist can use hair extensions), and long hair. This hair is wonderful for formal and informal occasions. They look better on hair with highlights. Very nice for shabby chic and boho weddings.


Ponytails and braids

Should be very soft, a little bit messy for 2018 tendencies, that require softness and enhance natural beauty of hair. They suit every wedding dress, especially romantic ones and can be decorated with fresh flowers, flowers crowns or handmade hair accessories.


Soft half updoes

Soft half updoes are always in fashion even in 2018. It’s important that the curls are very soft more like beachwaves style. This hairstyle type usually may include braids and twists. This hairstyle is wonderful for romantic dresses, as they look soft and simple but very feminine.

And that’s all about bridal hair trends of summer 2018: hope this article was useful!

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Bridemaids hair and make up: some tips

Hi beauties!

This time I would like to write about how important is hair and make up style of the bridesmaids. Usually everyone think very thoroughly about the dresses and the colour shades, but it’s necessary to think about the style of bridesmaids hairstyling and make up according to the style of the wedding.

It’s very beautiful when the bridesmaids hair and make up suit their natural beauty (here we speak about different ethnic characteristics: Asian make up, Corean make up, Afro-American make up, Indian make up, Lebanese and Arabic make up). As different nationalities have different facial features, skin and hair types, they also have their own preferences in make up

So my tip for all future brides is to think thoroughly about the style of the wedding, colours and make up types and hairstyling for the bridesmaids. You may prepare a moodboard taking examples from Pinterest and you can discuss the rest with your make up artist.

Hope this was useful!


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Kristina’s wedding in Taormina (Sicily)

Hi beauties!

Today I would like to tell you about a wonderful experience I had last summer, on August 2017.

I love my job not only because I love making women look beautiful, but also because it gives me the unique opportunity to travel everywhere, even in such places that no one ever heard about. Last summer I was planning the trip to Sicily with my friends as I heard so much about this wonderful land. Lots of couples go there to have their destination weddings. Why? Because of the amazing seaside, sun, greenery and archaeological sites.

At the same time I received the request from a beautiful couple that was going to get married in Taormina. So, part of my summer holidays route was decided: wonderful Taormina, a small town with lots of beauties to explore. A day before the wedding I met my bride Kristina to discuss her preferences in make up and hair to decide on her bridal look. She didn’t want a trial as she and her husband came from Siberia and didn’t want to lose even one hour of fantastic Sicilian sun and great weather. So we met directly on the wedding day.

Kristina is a very beautiful girl with blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes: seems like she is eighteen years old, as she looks very very young. She told me she almost doesn’t use make up, so I decided to do a very natural luminous bridal make up with a little bit of brown eyeliner and false single eyelashes, warm shades eyeshadows and a very natural peachy-nude lipstick by Mac.

Her hair is very beautiful and long, but she wanted a thicker result: so we used hair extensions and I created a side bridal hairstyle decorated with a beautiful hair accessory that Kristina brought with her.

They weather was great, not too hot, with a pleasant sea breeze; and the guys really enjoyed their wedding in Sicily!

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Alysa’s wedding in Tivoli

Hello, beautiful women!

Today I would like to tell you about another my beautiful bride, Alysa. She, her husband and their wonderful baby came to Italy from faraway Canada to get married. They chose Villa d’Este in Tivoli as location, a 16th-century villa with beautiful sights and scenery, green pine trees and lots of sun in June.

Alysa didn't have time to do a trial, so we had an online consultation: she showed me her dress, her preferences in make up, and hairstyling and we discussed all the ideas!

As Alysa has very beautiful face features, she wanted something very radiant, fresh and natural for her make up, so my colleague make up artist Arianna on the day of the wedding did an amazing job: a fresh bridal make up in nude and neutral shades with a little accent on the lips and false single eyelashes.


As for the hairstyle Alysa has fantastic and very thick blond hair, it was very easy to work with it; she preferred a beautiful bridal hairstyle, a messy bun, which is a beautiful and practical solution for the summer, especially when you have a small child to hold all the time. Alysa had a very old hair accessory from her grandmother so we used it to decorate her hairstyle.

All the photos of the wedding were made by an amazing Irish photographer, Siobhan Hegarty (visit her website→). It was great to work with Siobhan and Alysa: hope you enjoy the photos!

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It's all about long-lasting make up! My 6 favourite liquid lipsticks.

Hi, beauties!

As a make up artist I’m in constant search of top quality products. This time I'd love to speak about long-lasting lip paints in make up. I'm personally not a fan of lip glosses, and moreover for my work I need to have on myself only the products that last very long, because in the morning I may work then go to the gym, then have lunch and then going to work again at some event that finishes after midnight.

So gloss on my lips gives me an idea of something sticky, especially when you have your hair loose and its windy, you may finish having your lip gloss all over your face; that’s why I’m in love with long-lasting lip paints; you can apply a gloss on top of your lower lip.

So here are the liquid lipsticks I love.

Ciao, bellezze!

Come make up artist sono sempre in cerca di prodotti di alta qualità. Questa volta mi piacerebbe parlare di rossetti liquidi a lunga durata. Personalmente non sono fan dei lucidalabbra: per lavoro ho bisogno di avere su di me solo i prodotti che durano molto, perché al mattino potrei lavorare e poi andare in palestra, pranzare e magari andare a lavorare di nuovo a un evento che termina dopo la mezzanotte

Quindi la lucentezza sulle mie labbra mi dà l'idea di qualcosa di appiccicoso. Soprattutto quando hai i capelli sciolti e c'è vento puoi finire per avere il lucidalabbra su tutto il viso; questo è il motivo per cui amo i rossetti liquidi a lunga durata. Ma chi preferisce il gloss può sempre applicarlo sul labbro inferiore sopra la tinta asciugata.

Ma ora passiamo ai miei rossetti liquidi preferiti.

Huda beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick

Absolutely my favourite one for now is liquid matte lipstick by Huda Beauty. After all products I tried this one is the most pleasant on lips, with extremely thin formula, it doesn't dry and isn't patchy. You can reapply it many times, it lasts all day even if you eat, has great shades especially nudes, it doesn’t transfer, and the most important it feels like you have no lipstick on!

Il mio preferito per ora è il rossetto liquido opaco di Huda Beauty. Tra tutti i prodotti che ho provato questo è il più piacevole sulle labbra, con una formula leggerissima che non secca e non si stende a chiazze. Puoi riapplicarlo più volte, dura tutto il giorno anche se mangi, ha tante sfumature soprattutto per i colori nude, non si trasferisce e la cosa più importante è che dà l’impressione di non avere nessun rossetto sulle labbra!




MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

I really like Retro matte liquid lip colour by MAC. It has fantastic intense colours, creamy and quite comfortable on the lips; though if you eat it disappears a bit from the corners of your lips, but still you can reapply it.

Mi piace molto il Retro matte Liquid Lipcolour di MAC. Ha i colori molto intensi, è molto piacevole sulle labbra e cremoso. Ha però un piccolo diffetto: se si mangia scompare un po' dagli angoli esterni delle labbra, ma lo si può comunque riapplicare



MAC Pro Longwear Long-Last Lips

I like also Pro Longwear Long Last Lips by MAC. It has transparent gloss on one side and long lasting lip paint on the other. The colours are very beautiful, especially I love the fair ones; every time you apply, the colour gets more intense. Though dark or red shades don’ts seem very uniform when you apply them and don’t last as long as I expected, disappearing from the corners if you eat; and if you reapply it many times looks a bit patchy.

Mi piace molto anche il Pro Longwear Long-Last Lips di MAC. Ha un gloss trasparente su un lato e un rossetto liquido a lunga durata sull'altro. I colori sono molto belli, in particolare amo quelli chiari. Ogni volta che si applica il colore diventa più intenso. Le tonalità scure o rosse non sono molto uniformi e non durano tantissimo perché quando si mangia scompare dagli angoli esterni delle labbra. Se lo si applica di nuovo sembra un po’ a chiazze.

Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

It’s a very pigmented creamy lipstick with a matte finish. It has a lot of shades, has vitamin E and sunflower seed wax, it doesn’t transfer much and lasts quite long, though it dries a bit the lips if you wear it for a long time but in general I’m quite happy with this product. The nudes are darker than they seem.

È un rossetto cremoso molto pigmentato con una finitura opaca. Ha molte sfumature e una formula arricchita con vitamina E e cera di semi di girasole. Non si trasferisce molto e dura abbastanza a lungo anche se secca un po' le labbra se lo si porta per lungo tempo; in generale sono abbastanza sodisfatta di questo prodotto, anche se i nude sono più scuri di quanto sembrano dalla confezione.



Kiko Double Touch

It’s a lipstick of an Italian brand. It’s very long-lasting and has very beautiful shades, but if you reapply it feels very uncomfortable, patchy and dry on your lips.

Il Double Touch di Kiko è un rossetto di un marchio italiano, ha una lunghissima durata e sfumature molto belle ma se lo si applica molte volte secca le labbra, forma delle chiazze e grumetti, e diventa molto difficile da togliere.




Wycon Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

It has a very nice creamy formula and lots of shades from fair to dark. It’s very comfortable on lips, though as for me it doesn’t last long: if you eat it disappears and you need to reapply it. You can do it easily, it looks nice even after reapplication.

Questo rossetto ha una formula cremosa molto leggera e tanti colori sia chiari che scuri. È molto confortevole sulle labbra anche se per me non dura tantissimo: se mangio scompare proprio rimanendo solo un po’ al centro delle labbra e devo riapplicarlo. È comunque facile da riapplicare e l’effetto rimane bello.




These were my favourite liquid lipstick ever! Hope this little review was useful!

E questi erano i miei rossetti liquidi preferiti in assoluto. Spero questa piccola recensione vi sia stata utile!